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Improper Gutter Maintenance Of Your Destin Residence Can Result In Flood Damage

2/15/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Improper Gutter Maintenance Of Your Destin Residence Can Result In Flood Damage When your gutters get jammed full of debris, leaves, and grime, its ability to move water away from your house gets dramatically compromised.

Improper Gutter Maintenance Can Cause Flood Damage

Your Destin home requires a lot of your attention and maintenance to perform the primary job that it has with keeping outside elements from entering inside. While this doesn't seem like a challenging task for a structurally sound home to achieve, when all of its preventative measures to divert storm damage do not get appropriately maintained, their failure to perform can result in a water emergency for your Destin home.

Such is the case with your gutter system which outlines the edges of your roof. When this diversion equipment gets jammed full of debris, leaves, and grime, its ability to move water away from your house gets dramatically compromised. Instead of moving water away from your siding and the ground around the foundation of your home, water pools up in the gutter and pours over the sides, overly saturating this area potentially to the point of flood damage to your Destin home.

When a severe weather event rolls through the area and leaves several inches of rain that cannot get diverted away from your home’s foundation, the overly saturated ground around your house can become highly pressurized and force its way through weakening points in the blockwork of your lowest level or basement. Once water has a point of access, this vulnerable point gets worse and worse the more water that is allowed to pass through.

Our SERVPRO team can not only help to resolve and restore the flood damage that resulted from an event like this but also aids in pinpointing the penetration areas and vulnerable regions of the foundation of your house. Our experienced technicians can seal up these points to keep similar traumatic incidents from happening again in the future. With our tools and expertise, the experienced restoration specialists we employ can restore your current flood damage to preloss conditions and offer peace of mind against what the future might have held without foundation repairs.

We do not just claim to be “Faster to Any Size Disaster.” It is an assurance that we can respond quickly to help you set things right when you need us the most. Our SERVPRO of Fort Walton Beach team of restoration specialists is available 24/7 by calling (850) 863-2552.

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Water Removal for Your Destin Home after Washing Machine Malfunction

2/8/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Removal for Your Destin Home after Washing Machine Malfunction If your washing machine malfunctions on the second floor it can cause significant damage requiring professional remediation specialists.

SERVPRO Acts Fast to Quickly Remove Water and Restore Your Home after Water Damage

With a lot of newer homes in Destin having a laundry room on an upper level, this poses a risk of severe water damage if the washing machine ever malfunctions. Water can easily seep through the flooring into the ceiling and rooms below. A situation like this needs to be handled as quickly as possible to avoid further damages, but cleaning up a mess this large requires professional knowledge and tools.

Your Destin home is a significant investment, so when water damage has threatened any part of it, the faster you act, the better. Hesitating at all to get water removal services allows more damage to occur, resulting in a more massive repair bill. SERVPRO is standing by at any hour, ready to help you when a water disaster strikes. We know these things never happen at a convenient time, so we are here whenever you need us with the experience needed to restore your home back to the way it was.

Since water can spread and get into and through a majority of surfaces, floors, walls, and obstructions, we first determine the scope of the damage so we can adequately mitigate it. Doing so protects your home from future mold and other residual problems. Since we cannot always see with the naked eye were all the moisture and water are, we use thermal cameras and moisture meters to find all the areas affected.

Then, if needed, SERVPRO techs remove materials like drywall, subflooring, and flooring which has been affected so we can salvage the substructure and framing of your home. We also separate and store your personal property during the restoration process. We salvage anything possible, cleaning and sanitizing all that can be restored.

We can then begin water extraction and drying. The standing water is removed with industrial-sized pumps, and then dehumidifiers and air-movers are brought in to finish the process of drying. Times can vary depending on how much moisture is present, but this step can take a few days at least, during which we monitor all of the equipment.

The affected areas are then treated to prevent mold and bacteria. Any rebuilding can now be done. When needed, we bring in other professionals to help with this step.

SERVPRO of Fort Walton Beach realizes your home in Cinco Bayo, Mary Ester, or Longwood is the likely the most significant investment you own, so we treat it as such. When you contact us at (850) 863-2552 for any water damage emergency, we take care of your home as if it was our own.

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Quality Water Removal Services in Destin Make for a Healthy Business and Happy Holiday Customers

1/29/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Quality Water Removal Services in Destin Make for a Healthy Business and Happy Holiday Customers SERVPRO can quickly restore your restaurant in the case of commercial water damage, allowing you to welcome incoming tourists and snow birds.

SERVPRO Offers Quick and Efficient Commercial Water Removal Services

A vacation destination community like Destin is the dream of people living in chilly, snowy climes. Planning and saving for some ocean time should result in fun and frolic, not a disappointment. Businesses relying on seasonal residents and the tourist trade cannot afford to renege on promises made due to water incursion problems. We have a proven track record of remediating water issues, so business and memory making continues.

Retail shops, entertainment venues, lodgings, and restaurants in Destin suffer when water removal becomes necessary. Regardless of the reason for the crisis -- broken pipes, appliance malfunction, operator error -- pools and puddles of water in your commercial spaces brings your business to a halt. Modern water removal techniques and equipment like those we employ can transform wet and dangerous to dry and back on course for your anxious customers fast.

Water removal and structural drying are two of our core services at SERVPRO. When we send work crews to your location, you can be confident that our employees are thoroughly trained through Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) courses in all aspects of your water removal requirements. The IICRC sets industry standards internationally for the best practices in the water damage restoration industry.

We arrive with vehicles fully equipped and ready for fast water removal. Water more than two inches deep is attacked with submersible pumps, and then powerful water extractors move in to pull water out of cracks, crevices, and hidden areas behind walls. SERVPRO technicians use moisture meters to help set drying baselines and scanners to locate pockets of water that we work to release by removing sections of walls or drilling holes.

Once the water is removed, drying commences. High-efficiency air movers and dehumidifiers bring moisture levels down quickly, and the SERVPRO team monitors this process constantly to determine when the drying targets are achieved. Different materials have various optimum moisture levels, and this is noted and taken into consideration so we do not overshoot a mark nor leave unwanted moisture that could cause secondary damage.

Water removal must be accomplished quickly to get your business up and running again. SERVPRO of Fort Walton Beach is on task 24 hours a day. Call us at (850) 863-2552 to set up an assessment and plan to get the water out of your commercial building.

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Do Not Let a Flood in Your Destin Home Ruin Your Priceless Items

1/20/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Do Not Let a Flood in Your Destin Home Ruin Your Priceless Items The stored items in your basement can be severely damaged by a flood, call SERVPRO to restore your basement and its contents.

SERVPRO Restores Your Damaged Furniture, Materials and Valuable Contents

Severe weather affects almost every area of the country and those in Destin are all too familiar with some of these instances. While every year is not going to bring about destruction and devastation quite like what Irma brought to the doorstep, it is evident that the threat of flooding is more on the minds of the residents here than perhaps it ever was before. When disasters like this occur, you have to know whom you can trust to set things right and restore the damages quickly so you can go back to living comfortably in your own home again.

Flood damages to your Destin home can be catastrophic, primarily if you use your lower level or basement for storage purposes. Sometimes valuable heirlooms or irreplaceable items from your past are stowed away for safekeeping only to get placed in harm’s way when flooding occurs. While you might be aware of our SERVPRO rapid response emergency teams available for water extraction and damage restoration, you might not be aware of the extent of this restoration process.

While a lot of the focus for our SERVPRO restoration specialists is repairing the source of the problem and removing the water damage from your home, another branch of our restoration process involves working with damaged furniture, materials and other contents to restore them as well. Some of this work can get done on site with delicate cleaning processes and disinfection.

For more damaged items, our team can take them from the affected area to a workshop where we have a full range of tools and equipment at our disposal. This restoration ultimately is a very involved process, utilizing every resource we have available to bring the item (deemed important to you) back to the condition it was before it became damaged by the flood waters.

Flood damages do not have to be a death sentence to the contents of your basement that you hold dear. Call the restoration specialists at SERVPRO of Fort Walton Beach as soon as a disaster strikes. Our rapid response emergency team can be reached 24/7 at (850) 863-2552.

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Speed, Training, and the Right Equipment Critical to Restoring Water Damage in Fort Walton Beach

1/11/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Speed, Training, and the Right Equipment Critical to Restoring Water Damage in Fort Walton Beach If water damage is not remediated quickly, mold colonies can begin to form.

SERVPRO Focuses on Restoration over Replacement

Unlike some other cleanup tasks, responding to water incursion damage in Fort Walton Beach cannot wait. The harm done to structural materials, fixtures, and contents begins immediately after water intrudes and is progressive, worsening with the passage of time. Partnering with a reputable water damage restoration company is the key to returning your home to preloss condition.

Professional water damage restoration for your Fort Walton Beach home aids the property owner in several meaningful ways. Extraction of large amounts of water needs heavy duty equipment and technicians experiences with its use. Issues of water contamination when the source is flooding or sewage backup requires expert assessment and proper disposal if indicated. Our crews have Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) training, ensuring water damage management over many kinds of situations meets industry standards.

Water left to soak the wooden framing and flooring of most homes deteriorates these essential supporting building components. Swelling and warping occur if water is not removed fast. Drywall and ceiling tiles crumble when saturated, necessitating swift drying. Mold damage is a risk if the moisture is not removed within 48 hours. SERVPRO technicians use their coursework and experience to measure moisture levels, find hidden pockets of water, and remediate both quickly. Drying targets are calculated, and our crews position air movers and dehumidifiers to pull water vapor out of structures and fixtures. Monitoring of moisture reduction is continued throughout the process.

A layperson may believe that soaked materials must be torn out and replaced. SERVPRO focuses on restoration, using strategies learned in IICRC classes to dry out a broad range of items efficiently for use again. Hiring our crews can save money over the long run by placing structures and contents back in service for you. Expensive carpeting and irreplaceable hardwood floors respond well when skilled workers employ the proper techniques. Walls and ceilings dry and look “Like it never even happened.” when the response is speedy and the tools used are well-matched to the problem.

Even water damaged documents and pictures are restorable through resources available to SERVPRO. Advanced methods such as lyophilization, or freeze drying, remove water vapor without further damage to the paper. Your most treasured heirlooms and important papers have new life after our treatments.

Call SERVPRO of Fort Walton Beach at (850) 863-2552 to discuss your water damage restoration options. We are eager to assist our neighbors at this challenging time and pledge to be honest and trustworthy throughout the process.

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Water Restoration let the Certified Professionals Handle it.

12/12/2017 (Permalink)

When it comes to water damage, restoration crews that are certified will do the best work and are qualified to deal with even the worst disasters possible. A family’s home is precious, but floods and busted pipes can leave it too dangerous to live in. When the worst does happen, a family may be tempted to clean up the damage themselves. SERVPRO of Fort Walton Beach certified water technicians are the people on the front lines against these disasters and we have the resources to deal with a disaster of any scale.

Water damage restoration professionals are needed to deal with both the immediate threat, and the invisible threat left behind.  SERVPRO of Fort Walton Beach certified professionals have the tools to combat these threats, eliminating them before they have a chance to cause real problems.

Our water technicians have been certified through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) they trained for dozens of hours in the latest industry methods, giving them an edge over the competition. And because IICRC-certified water technicians are also informed of any advancements in the field, they will always have the latest equipment and methods at their disposal. That’s why more and more homeowners are turning to SERVPRO of Fort Walton Beach for our IICRC-certified water technicians when they are faced with the worst.

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree

11/27/2017 (Permalink)

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree how lovely are thy branches. Christmas trees bring lights, joy and happiness into our homes during the holiday season, however they also bring risk of fires that could damage your home!

According to the American Christmas Tree Association (ACTA) Christmas trees alone result in $13 million in property damage each year.  We at SERVPRO of Fort Walton Beach want to give you some tips on keeping your holiday safe and to be fire free.  

  1. CHOOSE FRESH OVER A CHEAP DRY TREE.The fresher the tree, the less likely it will pose a fire hard.  Look for flexible needles that don't break, and a trunk that has sap.
  2. KEEP THE WATER COMING. The tree stand should contain a continuous source of water and be sturdy enough to resist toppling over by children or pets.
  3. DON'T  OVERLOAD THE CORD.  Attach only 3 maximum strings of lights to anyone extension cord, then place cords along wall to prevent a tripping hazard.  Never run them under rugs or carpet.
  4. TREES DON'T NEED WARMTH.  Keep trees away from heat sources such as fireplaces, candles and even TV's.
  5. NOT ANY LIGHTS WILL DO.  Use low energy, safe lighting that's been certified by a safety testing lab.  Don't use damaged or frayed cords.
  6. UNPLUG LIGHTS.  Never leave the lights on over night or while you are not at home.
  7. DON'T KEEP A DRY TREE AROUND.  Dispose of it at this point properly.
  8. ARTIFICIAL TREE SAFETY AWARENESS.  Artificial trees should be flame resistant and have a seal of approval from a safety testing lab if the tree contains a built in lighting.
  9. DEATH BY ARTIFICIAL TREE. If the tree is metal, never use electric lights, as they can charge the tree and lead to electrocution.
  10. KEEP A FIRE EXTINGUISHER NEARBY.  Make sure that you have a fire extinguisher and everyone knows where it is located and how to use it.

SERVPRO of Fort Walton Beach wishes you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  BE SAFE!  Remember we are here for you 24/7/365. 


11/15/2017 (Permalink)


Thanksgiving is right around the corner!!  This is the time of the year FOOD is one of the main focus’s -  The delicious turkey, dressing, sweet potato casserole, carnberries and the list goes on!  And what does that mean?? Lots of things going on in the kitchen and lots of people all helping out.  You may not realize that everyone’s favorite eating holiday Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires!  That is according to the US Fire Administration (USFA), a division of the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA)

 SERVPRO of Fort Walton Beach has some fire safety tips for you and your loved ones this holiday season.


Holiday meal preparation can be hectic, especially once guests begin to arrive.  For everyone’s safety, insist that all non-food-related activity happens outside of the kitchen.  Fewer people in the kitchen means fewer chances for a kitchen fire during holiday cooking.


Stand by your pan! If you have to leave, turn the burner off. Make sure that all the handles are facing towards the middle of the stove, where no one can bump into them. 


When you’re in the kitchen, how you dress can be critical.  Wear short or tight-fitting sleeves, and tie back long hair.  Loose clothing and long hair can catch fire when you least expect it, causing severe burns and spreading the fire to the rest of the kitchen.


The most effective way to put out a cooking fire is to smother it.  Keep a tight-fitting lid and potholder within reach anytime you use the stove so you can smother any flames that ignite inside a frying pan or saucepan.  Keep a working fire extinguisher handy for fires that start outside a cooking pot or pan.  Remember to aim the extinguisher at the base of the flame, not at the flames themselves.


SERVPRO of Fort Walton Beach 850-863-2552 wants to wish you and your family a very Happy and SAFE holiday season!!

"I Think I Have Mold"

10/23/2017 (Permalink)




Mold is present almost everywhere, indoors and outdoors.  Mold spores are microscopic, floating along in the air and may enter your home through a window, door or AC/heating systems.  They can even catch a ride indoors on your clothing or a pet.  Mold spores thrive on moisture and can start growing within 72 hours.   Mold spores can quickly grow into colonies when exposed to water or high humidity. Mold often produces a strong, musty odor, and that odor can lead you to mold problem areas.  These colonies may produce allergens and irritants.   Try to keep indoor humidity below 45 percent.   


  • Roof damage from aged roofing materials or a strong storm
  • Leaking pipes or sewer back-ups
  • Household equipment overflowing such as a dishwasher, washing machine or water heater
  • AC units blowing too much humidity
  • Condensation on cold surfaces
  • Heavy rain or flooding from severe storms or cresting of rivers and/or a storm surge
  • Damp crawl spaces or basements

If you have any reason to think you have a mold problem or have water damage of any kind please  give us a call at SERVPRO of Fort Walton Beach 850-863-2552.  Our highly trained technicians are here for you 24/7/365. We will make it “Like it never even happened.”

Some Myths about Mold

10/23/2017 (Permalink)


When it comes to mold there is a lot of misinformation floating around out there.  The mention of the word “MOLD” people will start to panic.  In reality, mold can be a serious problem, but with a little common sense and the right information, you can learn what is truth and what is myth when dealing with mold.


  • ALL MOLD IS BAD – NOPE!! Do you like blue cheese? Or have you ever given taken penicillin?  Mold is used in making cheese and medicine.
  • BLEACH KILLS MOLD – This is half truth. Bleach may kill certain kinds of mold on non-porous surfaces however, it is not clear that bleach can kill all kinds of mold nor kill mold on porous surfaces such as mold.  Research is continuing to be done on the effectiveness of bleach as a mold cleanup agent. 
  • KILLING MOLD IS ENOUGH, I DON’T NEED TO REMOVE IT – Killing mold is not enough. Putting aside the conflicting reports on what kills mold, simply killing mold does not remove the health effects as the allergens are still present even in dead mold.  To properly protect against health effects, removal of the affected areas is often necessary.  Care must be taken when removing the affected areas so that the allergens and mold is not spread throughout the home or place of business.  That is why you call the professionals SERVPRO of Fort Walton Beach 850-863-2552 to properly fix the problem.
  • MOLD IS NATURAL, YOU SHOULD NOT WORRY ABOUT IT – While mold may be natural, constant exposure to mold can have a negative effect on someone’s health. If mold is growing in your home or place of business it needs to be addressed because it will not only deteriorate your home/building but cause health issues with you family or coworkers
  • IF YOU ONLY SEE A LITTLE BIT OF MOLD IT IS NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT – If mold is to the point that you visibly see it growing on surfaces in your home or work place then you have a problem! Mold is like an iceberg, you generally see only the tip of it while the majority is below the surface.  If you see a little bit of mold you mostly likely have more growing that your cannot see!!
  • CLEANING UP MOLD ISNT HARD! YOU SHOULD  DIY! – This is another half truth.  While you may be able to clean up certain kinds of mold in small quantities most people are not equipped to do proper mold remediation.  Simply wiping down the evidence is not good enough.   If it is more than 10 square feet then you first need to have a hygienist come in and do testing and a protocol the call your professional SERVPRO of FORT WALTON BEACH 850-863-2552 to come in and do the proper containment of the area and follow the protocol to make sure that your home or office is properly cleaned.